Welcome Aboard New Guy

Welcome to Our Website

We decided to put this site up to give our families a chance to keep up with what's going on in our lives. This admittedly corny project might be of interest to you... If you're weird, or know us, or both.

If you see anything incorrect, outdated, or illegal on this site, please let us know. Any good suggestions on how we can improve this site are appreciated. Please keep dumb comments to yourself. You know who you are, and you know the comments to which We're reffering.

The most recent addition to our Family is Dalton Robert

Our Site Was Updated January 31, 2010

Sophie's Page

Learn all about Sophie Maeve's interests and concerns. Please follow this link to visit Sophie's Page and learn more than you ever wanted to know about our peanut.

Sadly, the latest Sophie-related posting is the Sophie's 3rd birthday party Page.

Xavier's Page

He's young. He's handsome. He's over two-and-a-Half feet tall, and he's growing up fast. Check out Xavier's Page to meet the man himself - or at least read about him and look at some pictures.

All the pictures from Xavier's 2nd Birthday are here

Holden's Page

This... This is the guy. If you haven't met this little fella - you should visit us. Shame on you for not visiting us.

He's got his own page Here.

Pictures you can actually print, save, use, etc.

One of the reasons for this site is to show-off our kids - to anyone who will listen or look. Toward that end we've got a boatload of pictures throughout the site. But if you want to see the motherload in a reasonably organized fashion, please click here to check out our photographs.

Unlike the pictures on MyFamily.com and Ofoto and the like, you can actually use these. Feel free to print, save, email, whatever. But because we are not silly rich, we've resized them down substantially to reduce the bandwith (and storage space) required for them. So just keep in mind that if you print any of the pictures you see on this site, they will look like crap unless your standards are rediculously low. But should you want a good copy of one to print so that it actually looks like a photograph, just let me know and I'll send you the raw file.

Videos you can actually watch, save, use, etc.

If you're really patient, that is. We've only got a few posted and they take a while to load on you machine (depending on your Internet connection speed). But you can see the collection by clicking here.

Do we really need our own Website?

No. But here is a short list of the good reasons why we have one anyway...

Stay up to date!

Visit the page at least once a year and feel free to email us if you don't mind waiting a long time for a reply.